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Orgonite Plain And Faceted Mix Chips stick Plain

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Orgonite is a mixture of catalyzed fiberglass resin with metal shavings, poured into molds. Crystals, essential oils, high vibration organic materials can be added to the mixture for their ability to make the energy more coherent or to enhance the working of the orgonite. Thus, orgonite basically is a substance which functions as a self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in negative life energy and transmuting it into positive energy with the addition of emanating the energy of a set intention. The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside, which creates a piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, meaning its endpoints become polarized electrically, this apparently causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy generator.


Many people notice positive emotional effects in the presence of orgone generators. Mood and emotions tend to elevate. Some people who have trouble falling asleep report that they can sleep better and more soundly with an orgone generator in the bedroom. Many people have noticed that plants grow more vigorously in the vicinity of an orgone generator. Some people bring them to work and notice that the office environment becomes friendlier and less competitive.


We make every orgonite piece with individual attention and specific intention, additionally infusing each one with Reiki, Arcing Radial Light, Trinity energy… or any high vibrational energy that we are guided to infuse. We’ve also included enhanced connection to specific high-vibration Divine entities, such as an archangel, ascended master, or even star beings!


Weight 100 g
Dimensions 140 mm

7 Chakra, Orgonite