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7 Chakra stones bonded massager

Per Piece
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Handcrafted Chakra stones bonded into an excellent massager

Each hand crafted massager is 5”

Please be aware no two massagers are ever the same as they are unique and may have slight imperfections, however this will not affect the healing properties in any way.

Benefits of each individual Chakra layer:

Red Jasper – is the supreme nurturer and encourages spiritual development at a gentle rate. Can also help alleviate stress.

Orange aventurine – brings joy and teaches the interconnectedness of all beings. It is energetic and quietly stimulating.

Yellow aventurine – is thought to be a very lucky crystal. Energetic and stimulating, brings joy and happiness.

Green aventurine – a grounding stone with a powerful multilevel cleansing effect, agate stabilises energy.

Blue aventurine – a good all round healer. Is said to be a good choice for migraines and for soothing the eyes. It is thought to help poor circulation.

Lapis lazuli – is a blue healing crystal that promotes psychic ability. A bonding stone in love and friendship.

Amethyst – is a violet crystal which helps develop your psychic abilities. It is known as one of the master healers.

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Weight 102 g
Dimensions 120 mm

7 Chakra